Fiona, DinoSquad’s Spinosaurus

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DinoSquad is an American animated television series that airs on the KEWLopolis block on CBS Saturday mornings. The series, which has completed two seasons, revolves around five teenagers, each with the power to morph into a dinosaur. They utilize these powers to battle the villainous Victor Veloci, who is intent on returning the world to the age of dinosaurs by turning humans into new mutant dinosaurs and accelerating global warming.

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Fiona Flagstaff, the only female member of the team, is the team technician. She has a need for speed and has helped to build the dinosaur-like cycles and enjoys rollerblading and motor sports. While exhibiting a rough and tumble tomboy exterior, she also possesses a softer side that sometimes shows through. Her dinosaur form is a Spinosaurus.

Full episodes can be viewed at the DinoSquad Kewlopolis website.