Monsters Resurrected On DVD

Monsters Resurrected - Profiles six ferocious mega beasts including Spinosaurus, a carnivore twice the size of T. Rex and Acrocanthasaurus, a dinosaur whose powerful death grip and scissor-like bite could kill prey 10 times its size. From the evidence, scientists reveal how these mysterious creatures looked and behaved, what they ate… and what ate them.

Each of the six episodes also demonstrates what it would be like to have these enormous predators roaming the planet today. The set also includes the feature-length program “What Killed The Mega Beasts?”, which explores the extinction of hundreds of fantastic creatures, including giant sloths and woolly mammoths, at the end of the last ice age.

The Monsters Resurrected two-disc DVD set carries an SRP of $19.98 and has a run time of 301 minutes. Release date: 05/04/10. is offering Monsters Resurrected through Amazon for the special low price of $17.99 - a savings of $2.00 off of the SRP.

Spinosaurus Size Comparison

Click to enlarge… © Matt Martyniuk

A size comparison of the largest theropods.


Dinosaurs depicted back to front:
• Spinosaurus aegyptiacus
• Giganotosaurus carolinii
• Carcharodontosaurus saharicus
• Tyrannosaurus rex
• Mapusaurus roseae


Featured Spinosaurus Video

Paleontologist Jack Horner discusses Spinosaurus and its role in the movie Jurassic Park III.