Toy SpinosaurusWhen I was a kid three of my favorite toys were plastic dinosaurs,… a brown Triceratops, a gray Stegosaurus and an orange Spinosaurus. Yes, I had the obligatory blue Tyrannosaurus Rex, but sorry to say, it didn’t make the cut. I gravitated towards the Spinosaurus because it was so unusual looking and also because it was the one dinosaur that most of the other kids didn’t know much about. It gave me the opportunity to tell its story even though in retrospect I probably had no idea what I was talking about. Another reason is because the Triceratops and Stegosaurus got chewed on a lot.

Well, I’m all growed up now. My company, Weingarten Enterprises is an Internet development business founded in 1995. It’s a small, family business grossing something approaching nearly nothing annually.

Spinosaurus.com is my creative distraction. It’s planned to contribute to that nearly nothing gross annual receipt, but not by much.

As I’ve stated on some of my other websites, I’m a hack, but a pretty good one, as hacks go that is. I’ve found that there is some really good Spinosaurus information floating around in cyberspace, but framed in some pretty questionable HTML. My goal is to produce an informative site in a less than stale environment. The scientific/paleo aspect will be covered, but the pop culture angle will be explored as well.

Click to enlarge… © Todd Marshall

Now, since no one has seen a live Spinosaurus specimen in the last little while, this site, as is the case with all other Spinosaurus websites, will be chocked full of regurgitated data. We’re going to do our best to dig up some fresh information and imagery, but we’re going to need some help if we are expected to do a good job of it.

Every effort has been made to properly attribute all images and illustrations found onsite. If requested by the artist, we first request permission prior to displaying onsite. We have made some courtesy requests via email to various artists only to receive no reply. Should an artist happen upon an image displayed onsite and disapprove, please contact us and we will rectify. We also request contact should an image be found to be incorrectly attributed, again, we will be happy to facilitate corrections.

We welcome any and all contributions to the effort and will be happy to provide credit back to the contributor and/or their institution in virtually any means they wish - as long as it’s legal.

- A work in progress…
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